interview by darby o'gill

This month I sat down with "The Weasel" himself, Pauly Shore.

darby: Whatís next for Pauly Shore?

Pauly: Iím doing more stand-up shows. Iíve been on tour for a couple of weeks. Iíll be up in Cleveland for two nights. My birthday is on Thursday. Iíll be 33. I just finished a movie.

d: Subs or grinders?

P: I donít know what a grinder is.

d: Itís a toasted sub.

P: Well, I guess it depends on what the weather is. If itís cold out, Iíd go with the grinder; then flip it vice versa. Hot gets the sub, and cold goes with the grinder.

d: Do dogs have lips?

P: It depends on where you find the dog. I mean, if you find it in the USA, definitely. If you find it over in Japan, they probably donít have lips.

d: Backstreet Boys or Beastie Boys?

P: Backstreet Boys for sure! (laughs) No, the Beastie Boys.

d: Corey Haim or Corey Feldman?

P: Probably Corey Haim. He just always seemed cooler.

d: George Jetson or George Jefferson?

P: Jefferson for sure, I never got into The Jetsons too much.

d: Downtown Julie Brown or plain old Julie Brown?

P: Plain old Julie Brown.

d: Why?

P: Everyone probably knows why. I donít have to say it.

d: The Muppet Show or Sesame Street?

P: Sesame Street. I think they were all high. With Big Bird, they had to be high. It was just more interesting to me.

d: What CD is in your car right now?

P: I like the new U2. I also like Joe Walsh. I like all types of stuff.

d: Favorite movie of all time?

P: Probably Papillon. But I also like At Close Range.