interview by miss tina wells


tina: When did your acting career begin and who got you into it?

Corey: My acting career began at age three and my parents got me into it. I was in a McDonaldís commercial.

t: Do you ever dream of being a Happy Meal toy?

C: A Happy Meal toy? Uh, no. But, boy that sounds good. Where do I sign up?

t: You've made appearances on The Howard Stern Show. How was that and what was he like?

C: I have actually done about 50 appearances on his show. Itís always very ďHoward.Ē I enjoy it because we have fun. I can take the shots and shoot back, which is pretty much the way you have to do it. The big thing with him is that you have to be willing to take it and also not be afraid to give it back. The problem with most of his guests is that they will let him walk all over them. Then people walk out of there and are like, ďMan, that sucked! He totally made me feel stupid.Ē You gotta go in with your defenses up. I donít do the show as much as I used to because I think as I get older I am starting to get away from cynical journalism. Iím more into getting an honest message out there to clear away some of the bullshit, as opposed to digging in the dirt, as Howard likes to do so much.

t: Tell me more about your current project: your band, Truth Movement.

C: Truth Movement is actually the band that recorded our last album, Still Searching for Soul. Right now I am working on a new solo album, so I am touring with another band. It is called The Corey Feldman Band. I did my first album in 1994 called Love Left, which was a solo album that was comprised from a couple of my different film soundtracks and a couple of originals I wrote. The Truth Movement album was my first mainstream domestic release. I said, ďI want people to listen to this music and accept this as art. I didnít want them to see it as a teen star actor trying to be a rock star. So I figured if I took my name out of it and put a band name on it, I wouldnít have to take all the heat. After the last album came out, we got really good critical acclaim and positive reviews, so that made me happy. I decided that since people were taking it seriously, I could come out with a solo album that could be more popular and contemporary.

t: You also choreograph and produce. Do you enjoy that as much as the music?

C: It all happens together. Itís all a musical unleashing. Itís a way to express your ideas or your visions creatively. I think, as a producer in the film world, a lot more of it is business and dollars; most of the creative stuff gets left out in the dark. I believe that with music, itís a much more creative flow and process from beginning to end. As an actor, youíre pretty much a hired gun. You are reading other peopleís words off of a page and doing what they want you to do. With music, especially when you produce and write it yourself, you get a vision in your head, and thatís exactly whatís going to be there in the final product.

t: When will you be appearing on television next?

C: I donít know. I guess whatever local news channel comes down to film our next show. Aside from that, I have two shows I executive produced this year and I am developing them for television. I am also working on a big project for next year, which I canít talk about yet.

t: You were the voice of Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as the voice of Young Copper in The Fox and the Hound. What is it like acting as a cartoon character?

C: Itís really great because you can get killed fifty times and live! Itís really fun. One of the things I really liked while doing Ninja Turtles was that I had the freedom to really play around. They would show me the film and I would have to put words into that mouth. Sometimes I would go ahead and make up the rest of it. If I found a place where Donatello was moving his mouth but nothing had been written for him, I would come up with something stupid or witty, just to make people laugh. Usually I would do adult-oriented material. Sometimes I would just fuck with the sound editor.

t: Who is someone you would love to work with?

C: Musically I would love to work with any of the people I grew up listening to and respected as an artist. Any member of Pink Floyd or the Beatles. Billy Joel would be awesome, too, or any of the contemporary cats like Limp Bizkit. On my new album, I co-wrote a song with Rick Springfield, and I am currently working on another song with Joe Elliot from Def Leppard. Thatís pretty cool because they are icons I grew up with. The fact that they are recognizing my art and wanting to be a part of it is nice.

t: Who is someone you would love to meet?

C: The only people I havenít met yet that I respect are Woody Allen and Albert Brooks. Iíve never officially met Brando. I know both of his sons and have seen him in person at Michael Jackson concerts, but I have never had a chance to sit down and talk with him.

t: Are you still friends with Michael Jackson?

C: I wouldnít say Michael and I are friends anymore. We really donít socialize anymore, but I am still friends with the family. His family is very much like a family to me. We will always be that way. I am sure that Michael and I will see each other again, too. Just like anything, people go their separate ways and move on to new parts of their lives.

t: I am a huge fan of monkeys. Did you ever met Bubbles, Michaelís chimpanzee?

C: Yeah, I met Bubbles and AJ and all kinds of different chimps. Bubbles isnít around anymore. Heís got new ones.

t: Do you have any hobbies or collections?

C: I like collecting rare movies; ones that are hard to find, like European stuff. I like collecting music and old memorabilia, like Star Wars toys or hard-to-find stuff from the '60s.

t: What is a current movie you went to see and actually liked?

C: Meet the Parents was good. I really liked Blair Witch 2, but it wasnít what I expected. I thought it was going to be really cheesy. It started off really cheesy, but as it gets into it, it gets pretty cool.

t: What music are you currently listening to?

C: I am really digging Don Henleyís Inside Job. I really like Madonnaís new album, too. She did a great job. The production on that is absolutely amazing. I have seen her three times. Sheís a great performer.

t: What is your favorite flavor?

C: My favorite flavor? Wild Cherry.

t: In your opinion, do dogs have lips?

C: (laughs) Do dogs have lips? Um, definitely not, because a lip would be something it could pucker.

t: Youíve played roles in some of my favorite movies: Friday the 13th, The 'Burbs, Stand By Me, Gremlins and, my favorite of all-time, The Goonies. Who was your favorite character to play?

C: Actually, none of those movies you mentioned. The Lost Boys. Out of all the big movies from the '80s I did, the two that I really enjoyed as an actor the most would be The Lost Boys and Dream a Little Dream.

t: Tell me something interesting that happened while filming Goonies.

C: I met Michael Jackson. Steven Spielberg brought him down to the set one day. I knew they had a friendship so I thought that was a perfect opportunity. I told Spielberg I would do anything to meet him, so he got us all tickets to the local show during the Victory Tour. About a week later Michael came down to the set.

t: Do people ever get you and Corey Haim confused?

C: They used to back in the '80s.

t: Did you vote this year, and if so, for whom?

C: I would love to be able to have a chance to vote, but because I am on the road, I am not going to have that opportunity. If I were voting, I would be voting for Gore. Not that I really like him, but our choices donít look too good. There is a pretty narrow voting margin there.

t: How do you feel about the new quarter designs, and do you have a favorite one?

C: I think they are fabulous. I canít really say I have a favorite until they come out with the California one. They will probably put a big orange on it.

t: What's one thing people would be surprised to know about you; like some fun secret?

C: I am a vegetarian. I wonít eat anything with a mother, or if itís dead. Iíve been a vegetarian for 15 years. I donít do it for health reasons. I do it because I donít believe in killing animals if you can get food in other ways.