Get out your No. 2 pencils!
And no cheating!

Where does one start a humor and entertainment publication? At a Chi-Chi's in the middle of Ohio.

Long story short: tastes like chicken was originally born chickenhead, and it was created to be a student-run publication for an art college. The staff really liked to bitch about things that the school was doing. They also really liked to use the word "fuck". Needless to say, it was a failed marriage. After eight issues, Wayne decided to take the paper and publish it city-wide. The school encouraged Wayne to leave, and to take his dirty paper with him.

It took the staff a whole summer to get the ball rolling. But somehow they managed to do it, and it went city-wide in September of 1999. Since then, tastes like chicken has continued to grow like a 13-year-old's erection. With more content, bigger and better interviews, and a superior staff of talented knobs, tastes like chicken gives its readers a ton of new articles every month with their online issues. Aren't they fucking dope?

In July of 2003, the staff moved their offices out of Ohio, and into the town that made a loser out of me: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After a year of planning, tastes like chicken debuted as a quarterly, nationally-distributed magazine in April of 2004. With the help of five distributors (Ingram Periodicals, Disticor Direct, Ubiquity, Armadillo, and Tower Records), tastes like chicken can now be found all across the U.S., throughout Canada, and at choice places overseas. Look for it in Tower Records, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and your finer magazine stores and newsstands.

There is actually a lot more to the history of tastes like chicken: jilted lovers, hurt feelings, bodies in car trunks, etc. But who in the hell wants to hear about all that? Just know that they love giving their readers something new with each issue. And they love you. I mean it. They do. What are you doing later tonight?