interview by darby o'gill

This month I got to sit down with comedian Lewis Black.

Darby: What's next for Lewis Black?

Lewis: More shit. That's it. Just more shit.

D: Do votes really count?

L: In your head. The good thing about voting is, it makes you feel more ineffectual on that day, than you do on any other day. So the nice thing is that when you do it, every other day you can say, "At least I didn't have to vote today."

D: Black Sabbath or Clint Black?

L: Black Sabbath, by default.

D: Coke or Pepsi?

L: Coke. Pepsi blows. Any company that would put cocaine into a fuckin' soft drink deserves your dollar.

D: Do dogs have lips?

L: Well, the last time I french kissed a pooch, I wasn't really sure. We were both just so hot for each other.

D: OJ: with or without pulp?

L: With pulp. Both of them suck. Neither of them tastes like orange juice. They taste like some sort of gasoline derivative.

D: Be on TV or watch TV?

L: Oh, be on TV. Christ. What do you think reality television is all about?

D: NyQuil or DayQuil?

L: NyQuil. It's the best. Why would you use DayQuil? Yeah, I want to stay awake for my cold.

D: What CD is in your car right now?

L: I don't have a car. But the last CD I bought was Edwin McCain’s.

D: Favorite movie of all time?

L: Oh, that's easy. Ah,.. (pauses) yeah, it's easy. It's Kubrick's,.. ah,.. fuck me. Dr. Strangelove!